What to pack to cycle the Camino

I have cycled the Camino Portuguese and Via De La Plata.

This is my recommendation what to pack but each person is different.

2 Pairs of cycling pants and tops

2 Casual T-shirts (preferable dark that doesn’t crease too much)

2 Sports bra’s

2 Underwear

2 Pairs of socks, I like to pack a very thin/small pair that dries quickly and a thick pair of trail running socks

1 Pair of trainers which I also cycle in

1 Pair of slops to walk around in and is sometimes needed to shower in.

1 Pair of jeans

1 Pair of shorts

A visor or cap

Sun glasses

Sun block

Cream blusher which I wear as lipstick or eye shadow if necessary


UV sleeves

Cycling rain coat

Fleece to cycle in if necessary and nice enough for casual wear


Pair of cycle gloves


Toothbrush and small toothpaste

Shampoo (which might be used for soap and washing powder)


Small quick drying towel

Medical aid – headache tablets, plasters, Antihistamine, Imodium, Buscopan, Allergex, vitamins

Natural sleeping tablets, eye patch, ear plugs

Swiss Army Knive

Silk sleep sheet

Back cycle light

Gel saddle cover if you are not very saddle fit

Pen and little book

Smart phone with Translate and Maps.Me

Small string back pack

If you are doing long distances then an option is to take another water bottle

Two washing pegs, 2 cable ties, piece of string

Air phones

Zip lock bags

Double fast charging plug for smart phone and tablet

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