Walking from McGregor to Greyton and back

We have been planning to do this walk for a few weeks but each weekend there was rain forecasted. Mike is from the UK and he can’t help himself, he gets grumpy when it rains, so you will understand that walking in the rain is not an option.

Ready, steady, blue sky forecast and off we go to McGregor. Friday evening we booked our accommodation on Airbnb. A quaint cottage owned by soft spoken, Paul the local potter.

We were standing in the main street, contemplating where to have dinner when a sweet girl asked us if we were lost. Well, being lost in the metropolis of McGregor is not really possible, but she kindly pointed us to the latest restaurant on the block. The food was delicious and the evening comical. The young waitress placed our wine and the cork screw on the table. She declared, that it was her first night as a waitress and she had never opened a bottle of wine in her life. She bought our soup starters and two plates of food at the same time, looking very pleased with herself.  By the way, you have to try the Lords Chardonnay. www.lordswinery.com

I absolutely love walking home in small towns at night. The quiet, the deserted gravel roads, the stars as street lights and the close proximity to everything.

Luckily for my liver and my bank balance, Lords Winery was still closed as we drove up the mountain the next morning.  The dash board announced it was two degrees.

The hike starts with a steep descent, which reminded me that one day I should invest in a pair of hiking poles and show some mercy to my poor knees.  The scenery was breath-taking, the sun was rising behind a protea covered mountain. We hiked with our backpacks and own thoughts until our stomachs reminded us of all the delicious food we had packed. We chose a beautiful spot and made love sandwiches, piling on avo, tomato, mayo, cheese and ham. With full tummies and high spirits we jumped over streams, walked up and down mountains and only encountered a hand full of people.

On reaching Greyton, Mike announced that our accommodation was only five minutes away. Unfortunately he has not worked out the different setting for walking vs driving. Five minutes turned into about fifty minutes of walking. When we arrived at the house where we were staying, our hostess took pity on us and produced a plate of freshly backed muffins.

That evening we found a restaurant “specialising” in Indian and Thai and Polish and fusion cuisine. We sampled a bit of each and it was delightful.

Walking the next morning was a different matter all together. Our downhill muscles were sore and stiff. I could feel the cold penetrate my gloves and beanie but after a while we warmed up and enjoyed the walk back.

If you don’t want to walk both ways, I would suggest that you either stay in McGregor or Greyton and then walk to the waterfall, which is roughly half way between the two towns.

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