Cycling from Caceres to Canaveral. #ViaDeLaPlata

We stayed at the Hotel AH Ágora Cáceres The reason we booked the hotel is that they were more than happy to receive our rental bikes and store our luggage until a courier came to collect it. The rooms were great (although it had that large “unemotional” hotel look) and the staff very friendly and helpful.

Caceres is definitely worth a visit. It’s the capital of Cáceres province, in the autonomous community of Extremadura. There is a beautiful old town with cobbled medieval streets, fortified houses and palaces. It is surrounded by Moorish walls, has around 30 towers and obviously a bull ring.

During our stay in September, first light wasat 07:45. Setting off in a large city is never fun but as we arrived in the village of Casar De Caceres, all our usual stresses disappeared. A coffee stop and then farm lands, a lot of gates and a bit of tar.

We found a private room in Canaveral and after searching the internet we were not sure if we were going to be able to find one in the next town and then just called it a day.

Mike started this menu ordering roulette, where he would just order random dishes, without knowing what it was. Luckily my Google Translate warned him that he was going to eat pig’s ear and another time tripe, but he did not do too badly.

If Canaveral is on your bucket list of places to go – don’t bother.

We stayed at Hotel Malaga. The owner obviously don’t know what a hotel is and has never been to Malaga. The proprietor was very old and virtually blind, otherwise he would have been shocked at the dirt in the room. There was a couple of cigarette burns on the toilet seat and the bedside tables. When I saw him making a bed the next morning with a cigarette dangling from his lips, the mystery of the stale smoke smell and the burns were solved. There was a Casa Rural as you enter the town to the right – that might be a better bet.  The old men in the village also pulled an all nighter under our window. It must have been pension pay day, the day before.

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