The top 3 child-friendly places to eat in Camps Bay.

Camps Bay Village has great options when eating out with children. We all know happy, content, occupied “angels” make for a relaxed, carefree evening out.

Here are to top three child-friendly restaurants in Camps Bay:

  • Barocca – Camps Bay Sports Club – Corner of The Meadway and The Drive, Camps Bay. Tel: 021 438 1992.
    Barocca is situated on a large football pitch, which is the perfect place for kids to run and tire them out.
    They offer kids menu’s and there is a spot upstairs where they can chill and watch TV.
  • Col’Cacchio Pizzeria – Izak’s Corner – Corner of Camps Bay Drive and The Meadway, Camps Bay. Tel. 021 438 2171.
    They offer dough, crayons and coloring-in sheets to keep the kids occupied. There are great pizza choices for kids. As long as your kids don’t find out what Col’Cacchio means in Italian…
  • Primi Piatti – 18-21 Brighton Court, Victoria Road, Camps Bay. Tel. 021 438 9149
    There are TV’s to watch and excellent menu choices for the little ones. Check out their “specials”. The sometimes offer that kids accompanied by adults eat free.Now for dessert… For the best ice cream in Cape Town visit the Sinnfull Ice Cream Emporium – Shop 5, The Promenade, Victoria Road. Tel. 021 438 3541. The lemon meringue is my favourite flavour!

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