Road works in Camps Bay

Yesterday I sat in a traffic jam in Bakoven a block from my house. Camps Bay is known for terrible traffic jams on beautiful evenings or over peak season but at the tail end of winter…? Apparently the jam was caused by construction to some mansion in Bakoven creating a STOP/GO.

This winter Camps Bay Drive has been closed for traffic due to road works from Houghton Road towards the mountain. The scheduled completion date is the end of this month. For anyone who has walked up Camps Bay Drive recently will know there is no way it will be completed soon.  I can’t imagine the traffic on Boxing Day, New Year’s Day or any weekend in summer with Camps Bay Drive being closed.

The drive from my house to Lion’s View, Bali Place or Ebb Tide should take 3 minutes, but lately I have contemplating packing  “padkos” and a flask of tea. In my short drive I hit at least one STOP/Go and like last night maybe even bumper to bumper traffic in my 4 block commute.

I was wondering how much it will cost to hire or buy a helicopter as they do in cities like São Paulo.  Let’s say money was no object and I was able to afford a helicopter, where will I park if I go to Woolies? What will the car guards do? Surely you will need a helicopter guard to guard your wings during your shop? If a car costs say R120 000 and you tip a car guard R7, then the tip for a R1500 000 helicopter guard will probably cost about R100 a park.  That sum makes sitting in Camps Bay traffic not so bad, especially if you have a view of the mountain or the sea while in a jam.