Recipes for Cara Cara oranges.

My love affair with Cara Cara oranges started the first time I set eyes on the deep dark orange flesh of the exquisite fruit. I buy pockets of Cara Cara oranges and can never get enough of them. You can buy Cara Cara oranges from Pick & Pay for about R23,00. Except for eating at least one of the oranges a day, I have the following recipe suggestions:

Breakfast oats:

I use the large flake oats. You can either make it on the stove or I just pour boiling water over about 20 minutes before I am ready to make my breakfast. I grate orange zest over and then peel an orange and cut it into small pieces. I then add the orange, cinnamon and full fat, double cream, plain yoghurt to the oats. That’s my fuel to get me going for the day in winter.


I peel the translucent flesh off the orange segments and chop it in about half. I then add chopped red onion, diced tomato, fresh coriander, avo and smoked salmon. I line a ramekin with cling wrap and fill the ramekin with the salsa. When I am ready to serve, I make a few interesting twirls on the plate with balsamic glaze and then neatly release the mold of salsa onto the plate. You can garish it with a quall egg or a sprig of coriander.


I have adapted my limoncello recipe to include Cara Cara oranges. I peel the zest and place it in alcohol. The 95% alcohol they sell in the supermarkets in Italy is the best option. I usually buy Absolute Vodka. If you are on a budget, I presume Smirnoff will do. I leave the zest in the alcohol for at least 2 weeks, stirring it daily and keeping it covered. I then boil castor sugar and water and add it to the alcohol. After a month, I get rid of the zest and “Salute!” your orangcello is ready. E pronto!