Congratulations on the purchase of your new house!

When Moses and I started to work together at Camps Bay Apartments, I asked him what his goals and dreams were.

He replied that he wanted to buy a house in Malawi.

Today, Moses is the proud owner of a beautiful house in Malawi.  Everyone who knows him, knows that he is always willing to go the extra mile, he works hard and is willing to stay late or start early. There is not many things that Moses can’t fix and all the staff and guests love him.  Moses is very intelligent and is always informed about world events. He has refined tastes, loves red wine, visits to the aquarium and is a bit of a sport fanatics. Well, this is not a CV for Moses, this is just to say that it is a well deserved accomplishment and we are all very proud. Well done Mos!

Camps Bay Apartments