NV-80 Grill/Bar

Last night, Deanne and I went to try NV-80. It is in the shopping centre above the newly revamped Checkers at the end of Seapoint.  The restaurant is owned by Naldo and Victor Conçalves from the Pigalle group.

The NV-80 reminds me of an old fashioned New York style restaurant. There is a very large chic bar, palm trees, palm tree curtains and designer wall paper.  We were there are on a cold evening but they have a terrace which should be great on warm, wind-free days.

Our waiter was very friendly and attentive but he did quite a hard sell. After telling him we were not going to have starters he didn’t let go easily and tried again. I ordered the Entrecote and Deanne had the lamb cutlets which came with a small bowl of delicious vegetables each, accompanied by a bottle of Boschendal Brut.  For dessert, Deanne had the recommended Chocolate Fondant with Armagnac Ice-Cream which looked amazing.

The restaurant was full, even though it was the coldest evening in Cape Town this year. I was always under the impression that Cape Townians don’t venture out on chilly rainy evenings.

For more details visit their website: http://nv-80.co.za/