How to book a villa or apartment in Camps Bay online

I have had many phone calls from people calling to say, they are on their way to the villa, that they have apparently rented in Camps Bay. Just to find out that we do not have a booking for them and they have paid someone to rent a villa or apartment at a rate that was too good to be true. ¬†Well, if it sounds too good to be true then, well, you know…

When you see a villa or apartment advertised on the internet, you can do the following:

Check if there is a Tripadvisor listing.

Call the number on the listing.

Pay with a credit card on a secure link.

If you have a bad feeling then follow your gut.

You will be able to establish if the rental company or agent has been in business for a few years or just started.

Check the villa or apartment on Google Maps and see if the telephone number corresponds.

The name of the bank account should correspond with the business name.

See if there is a land line number.

Check the reviews.

What is the quality of the web site. Someone trying to scam potential tenants will not have an expensive, comprehensive website.

Established property rental agents should have a social media presence. Check their Facebook and Titter posts. You can see on Facebook how long they have been around.


How to book a villa or apartment in Camps Bay online