My favourite South African traditional food

My number one South African traditional dish even has a special day dedicated to it in South Africa as well as a reality TV series. Braaivleis: which includes chicken, chops, wors, steak, ribs or sosaties on the BBQ. The first thing my boyfriend did when he moved to South Africa from the UK was get lessons from a Karoo farmer how to braai.  Great food to enjoy with a braai is braaibroodjies (sandwiches toasted on the braai with cheese, tomato, union etc), pap (like polenta – eaten more often in Gauteng then in Cape Town), roosterkoek (bread dough cooked on a braai), salads etc.

Melkkos: On Sunday evenings my mum would make us melkkos, a comforting milk and cinnamon dish. I once visited the farmers market in Pretoria and was so excited to be able to buy a bowl of comforting melkkos.

Deegfrikedelle: I have never heard of anyone outside my extended family that has tasted deegfrikedelle. My grandmother and mother used to make this wonderful dish often. If you can keep it a secret, I can give you the recipe:

1 Onion

2 Slices of bread

500g Quality extra lean mince

Salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Mix together and then dunk the meat balls in the dough (this must not be to runny) and then fry in shallow oil.


Salt, pepper and nutmeg

2 Teaspoons of baking powder

2 Eggs

2 Cups of Cake flour


If you have questions about the recipe or how to make it, you would need to call my mom.

Smaaklike ete!

My favourite South African traditional food