Easter, my favorite holiday!

A holiday that starts with “Good Friday” can only be fantastic. I love Easter holidays, ok I love all holidays but Easter holidays mean:

  • It will rain in Cape Town. This would usually not have been on my list of positive things, but as you know by now, we have a bit of a problem on the rain front.
  • Chocolate, my word, any occasion where chocolate is involved, is obviously a very joyful occasion.
  • Sugar and spice. Yesterday, I opened my shopping bag and the smell of cinnamon and sweet, is just lovely.  It’s a great excuse to eat carbs all day.
  • After Easter, is the start of our holidays. We work very hard during Summer managing our apartments and villas in Camps Bay, but although we are still open for business, tourist numbers decline and our holidays increase.
  • Two public holidays together with a weekend, equals four days to cycle, hike, read etc.
  • Autumn is here! Autumn and Spring are my favorite times of the year. It’s not too hot or too cold and it is less windy in Camps Bay.

So have a lovely Easter weekend. Don’t hide your children’s Easter Eggs in your stomach or somewhere where you will only find it when Spring cleaning your house before Christmas!