• Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility:

    The owners of Lion’s View (one of the villas we manage in Camps Bay) started the charity, Children’s Foodure, in Sir Lowry’s Village, Somerset West, Cape Town. They put 60 disadvantaged children through school and feed around 300 school children a day.

    The websites for the charity are in Dutch but if you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Website for Children’s Foodure:


    If you would like to contribute to this worthwhile cause please donate:
    – non-perishable food items like canned food, long life milk, beans, sugar, tea and coffee
    – stationery and toys
    – children’s clothes, especially winter garments
    – blankets
    – electricity vouchers. Please ask us for the account number to buy vouchers.

    Every little donation helps!

    Thank you for your support.

    Our mission:

    The mission statement of Children’s Foodure is to improve the living conditions of children in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village, so that they can have a brighter future.

    Most children in informal settlements live in small wooden/cardboard houses with tin roofs. These shelters are unbearably hot in summer and cold and wet in winter.

    They normally live with more than four family members in one room, so do not have any privacy. Toilet facilities are generally not near the house. High levels of unemployment and alcohol/drug abuse affects many children’s lives daily.

    We would like to make sure that these children can have a future in this beautiful country, which is why we started sponsoring a soup kitchen that provides food, vitamins and sometimes clothing to the less privileged children of Sir Lowry’s Pass Village. Currently we are serving 250 meals a day.

    Our vision:

    Our vision is that with education, these children can aspire to a better future.

    A number of kids are selected every year to join our education programme. This includes the payment of their school fees, uniforms, books and after school care.
    The children are monitored throughout the year and once a year they are taken on a trip to celebrate their achievements.
    We currently have 56 children in this programme.

    Once a year we organise a Christmas party for all the children who visit the soup kitchen (in December 2012, there were 400 kids). The community hall is decorated with a Christmas tree and there is a lot of singing, dancing and performing.
    We provide the children with food, ice cream and a gift. Last year these gifts/shoeboxes were sponsored by Kids2Kids and by the children of a local school in the Strand.

    Thank you for your interest.