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The Camps Bay Retreat

  • Pool Yes
  • View Yes
  • Beach Distance400 meters

The best kept secret in Camps Bay is The Retreat, tucked away in the big Glen greenbelt and within walking distance to the beach and Camps Bay Village.

The Camps Bay Retreat 5 Star Boutique Hotel is located on a large four acre estate of lush green nature reserve. The ample trees, a mountain meditation pool, waterfalls and streams create a peaceful environment to replenish your heart and soul.

The Deck House and Villa offer expansive views across the Atlantic Ocean and the Twelve Apostles mountain range.

The estate features four swimming pools, a tennis court, a spa and a fine dining restaurant. The Retreat’s executive chef creates a daily gourmet menu for those who wish to enjoy the fine dining experience in the old-world splendour of the original manor house.

The Camps Bay Retreat 5-star Boutique Hotel combines stunning views and first-class facilities, which make it the ideal place to rejuvenate your soul!

Either rent a self catering cabin in the trees, a villa or a room in the hotel.

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