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The Farm House Hotel

  • Bedrooms1
  • Bathrooms1
  • Pool Yes
  • View Yes
  • Beach Distance300 meters

The Farm House Hotel is situated in Langebaan near the lagoon on the West Coast.

The homely hotel offers West Coast hospitality at it’s best.¬†Overlooking the lagoon, the hotel offers farm style rooms. The restaurants is well known for it’s local South African dishes, it is a popular lunch spot for locals on a Sunday afternoon. The kitchen bakes fresh breads and cakes daily from local produce.

A few of the guest suites have fireplaces and great views of the lagoon.

Except for lying by the hotel swimming pool, Langebaan has alot to offer from learning to kite surf to bird watching in the Langebaan National Park. In spring Langebaan rolls out a carpet of west coast flowers and it is a popular base for flower tours.

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