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The Bay Hotel

  • Pool Yes
  • View Yes
  • Beach Distance50 meters

The Bay Hotel is a luxury 5-star hotel in Camps Bay.

This stylish hotel is situated at the foot of Table Mountain, offering superlative views of the Atlantic Ocean from the main beach in Camps Bay. The hotel is sophisticated and elegant whilst still being casually comfortable. The additional spa, wedding and conference facilities make it the perfect choice in this unsurpassed setting in Camps Bay.

The 78 rooms and suites are all superbly appointed and offer everything a traveller could ask for in a hotel, with views over the ocean or the majestic Lion’s Head.

The hotel has a vast range of amenities, including four pools, expansive decks, a spa, a cocktail bar, a deli, a beachfront café, a cigar lounge and bar as well as a fine dining restaurant.

Look no further than the Bay Hotel for ideal accommodation, whether you’re coming away on vacation, on business or for a romantic getaway.

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