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    Camps Bay Apartments Accolades:

    The luxury apartments and villas that Camps Bay Apartments manage, have been used for many fashion shoots and interior design features.  Many of our properties especially Lion’s View and Ebb Tide has been featured in numerous tour guides and magazines as recommended holiday accommodation. We hope you enjoy browsing through our accolades as much as we enjoyed receiving them.





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    Camps Bay Apartments Accolades

    We offer Film Production Companies, ‘shoot and stay’ rates. Lion’s View and Bali Place are very popular with production companies looking for large villas to rent for their cast and crew.  Both villas have large garages which are usually used as a “collections” room.  Castings and briefings for shoots are also held at the villas. We can arrange a private chef to prepared breakfast and meals.  The houses are modern and perfect to rent for accommodation and still shoots.

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