5 of my favourites things to make during the winter

We live in a renovated 1960’s house (which are becoming rare in Camps Bay). We are very privileged to have a view over the ocean on the Bakoven side of Camps Bay. In winter we love to make a fire while the rain falls on the conservatory glass.

I love to cook and my speciality is desserts but anything regarding food, interests me. I love to use fruit which is in season. My five favourites things to make during the winter are:

– Limoncello. I pick the lemons from Dunkeld Village, the holiday house that Camps Bay Apartments manages.  It is a huge tree groaning with lemons – guests and staff are welcome to help themselves.

– Chili chocolate tequila. Wynne, who swims with me introduced us to this decadent indulgence. You melt a slab of Lindt chili dark chocolate in a pan and then mix in a tub of cream and a couple of shots of tequila. You serve it in tot glasses after dinner.

– My friend Lindy, gave me the recipe of my favourite butternut soup, which is made with orange and curry powder.  I absolutely love Cara Cara oranges with the dark, juicy flesh, I usually only eat these during winter. Pick & Pay are now selling bags of the most delicious Cara Cara oranges.

– ‘Japie se gunsteling’ which translates to Japie’s delight.  Afrikaans people enjoy to name recipes after the person who liked it the most, so I guess that is where the name comes from. It can also be called ‘Elize se gunsteling’.  It is a baked dessert with lemon and orange, rind and juice. You serve it with full fat double cream, don’t hold back, yoghurt.  Ok, you can serve it with cream but yoghurt makes me feel less guilty and the sourness of the yoghurt compliments the dessert very well.

– Grapefruit salad.  I have grapefruit for breakfast every single morning during winter. When I am cold, I will heat it up. Otherwise I have it with seeds and full cream yoghurt. But to get back to the salad. I segment the grapefruit, I usually use red and white grapefruit. Then I add chopped red onion, walnuts, avo and feta.

If you would like any of these recipes, please drop me an e-mail, tweet or Facebook message. I will be delighted to share it with you.

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